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8 Tips for Building Your Champion Pool in League of Legends

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8 Tips for Building Your Champion Pool in League of Legends - MEGPlay

A champion pool refers to a pre-selected line-up of champions that League of Legends (LoL) players utilizes on a regular basis. Ideally, these cherry-picked rosters should increase the odds of a player winning a match and climbing the ranks. 

The overall number of champions a player picks varies, but most LoL players tend to settle on a roster of between three and five champions. Once selected, these champion pools can serve players well indefinitely. However, even the best pools may need a bit of reshuffling over time. 

If you’re new to the world of League of Legends or simply need some help building a champion pool, read on for some essential tips. 

1. Decide Your Main Role and Build a Pool Around It 

This piece of advice is particularly relevant for newer players. If you’ve yet to get to grips with the basics of League of Legends, set aside some time to experiment with different champions and roles. There’s no real limit on the kinds of roles that beginners can take on, but some champions will serve first-time players better than others. If you’re looking to take on a marksman role, go for champions like Ashe. If you’re thinking about taking on an assassin role, champions like Master Yi are a good fit. 

2. Comfort Picks Explained 

A comfort pick is essentially your go-to champion and the one you play best with. It’s vital that you determine your key comfort pick when putting together your champion pool. You should avoid focusing strictly on stats when deciding on a comfort pick. Instead, think about playability. If you enjoy certain roles more than others, make sure your comfort pick is a champion from your preferred category. 

3. Always Have a Contingency Plan

In some instances, you may not be able to select your preferred champion. Sometimes, certain champions are banned. Other times, your go-to champion may have been selected by another player. It’s therefore crucial you have a contingency plan in place. When picking a backup champion, choose a character that’s fairly similar to your main choice and boasts a similar set of skills. 

4. Be Prepared for Difficult Matchups 

At launch, League of Legends boasted a fairly impressive line-up of 40 champions. Today, there are more than 150 champions to choose from. With so many champions on the table, there’s always the chance you’re going to run into a difficult matchup situation. This is where counter picks come in. 

Counter picks are a universal gaming concept, but are particularly relevant when it comes to games like League of Legends. Essentially, counter picks are champions that boast a particular advantage over other champions in the LoL line-up. There’s no guarantee you’ll win a match with these counter picks in place, but you’ll improve your odds of walking away victorious. 

5. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Secondary Roles 

You won’t always be able to play your preferred role. This is why your secondary role also needs some consideration. As with your main role, make sure you’ve picked a champion you’re confident playing with and familiarize yourself with his or her skill set. You’ll also want a backup in place should your preferred secondary champion be taken by another player. 

6. Keep it SImple When Playing Autofilled Roles 

In rare instances, you’ll not be able to play your main role or preferred secondary role. Therefore, you’ll need to polish up on the basics of the remaining three champion roles in League of Legends. Very few players are proficient in more than two or three roles, but you can still prove an effective member of the team when playing in an auto-filled capacity. When choosing a champion for these auto-filled roles, keep it simple. Avoid picking a champion that requires plenty of practice and stick with beginner-friendly skill sets. 

7. Choose Champions That Can Be Flexed into Different Roles

When putting together your champion pool, think about choosing characters that can readily be flexed into different roles. With flex picks in place, there’s less upset when you’re forced to play your secondary role. Champions like Vayne and Morgana are good choices for flex picks, allowing you to maintain a real edge, even when playing with your second choices. 

Many professional LoL players make effective use of flex picks. If you want some inspiration on how to wield flex picks to your advantage, keep your finger on the pulse and follow LoL live at 1337pro

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes 

When it comes to maintaining your LoL champion pool, don’t let sentimentality get in the way of winning. If your champions aren’t performing as well as you’d like, think carefully about what’s holding you back. If your champions need replacing, it’s better to swap them out sooner rather than later. You can always revisit old favorites in the future.

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