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Top Esports Teams to Watch Out for in 2023

Nur HalizaNur Haliza3 mo ago

Top Esports Teams to Watch Out for in 2023 - MEGPlay

The esports arena is constantly abuzz with changes and heated rivalries, so it's no surprise that predicting a surefire winner of the 2023 season has become an exhilarating guessing game. But never fear.

We have identified some teams well-positioned to secure victory in this year’s competition - learn more about them below for a chance at clairvoyant greatness.


Pro-level Valorant competition could be set to get shaken up in 2023 as Singapore's Paper Rex team is firmly on the rise. With an impressive 78% win rate, they are undoubtedly looking like a top contender for next year and beyond. The Asian Pacific region has not made waves in pro gaming lately, but this dynamic group gives us reason to expect big things from them - maybe even making it into the final stages of some prestigious competitions soon enough. For all you budding gamers out there watching with excitement - keep your eyes peeled for Papper Rex’s meteoric success story.

In 2023, the eyes of VALORANT fans everywhere will be on LOUD. After a long-standing rivalry with OpTiC Gaming that culminated in a tense showdown at VALORANT Champions 2022, this Brazilian team ultimately emerged triumphant against their formidable competition.

League of Legends

With an impressive showing at Worlds 2022, Rogue is ready to build on its success for the 2023 season. The German team stands out from many other League of Legends teams with their commitment to keeping most of their current roster intact and aiming even higher in the upcoming year. With strong foundations already set, there's no telling how far these gamers can go.

With Fnatic set to make a big mark on the esports scene in 2023, fans have something exciting to look forward to. After some recent team changes and reshuffling of rosters, many are anticipating great things from Fnatic. Not only is returning pro Rekkles' return bolstering their ranks; the addition of fresh-faced talent Rhuckz has reignited hope among supporters that this could be an incredible year for them.

After experiencing a failed attempt at building an all-star lineup, Team Liquid is making some exciting changes for the upcoming season. They've added three-time LCS champion Summit to their roster along with veteran support CoreJJ as key players.

Additionally, they're putting faith in up-and-coming talent by signing young mids & bot lanes plus one of the world's top jugglers who has earned a championship title - these moves speak volumes about how far TL plans on going this year.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

2023 is expected to be another banner year for FaZe Clan. The European powerhouse has shown remarkable staying power, with only light roster tweaks over the past few years complementing their already overwhelming success. We can expect them to remain among CS: GO's elite as they eye more championship titles in 2023.

Despite inconsistency off the battlefield, Natus Vincere has consistently delivered in-game. The team's core players Perfecto and s1mple continue to be formidable opponents on stage - making NAVI one of the powerhouses for 2023 tournaments.

Team Liquid, an impressive North American collective made up of some highly talented counterparts like nitr0 and EliGE, is a definite top contender to watch out for in 2023. Although 2020 has been hugely problematic within the esports community due to Covid-19 restrictions hampering competition results, Team Liquid's lineup possesses enough strength that they will be hard-pressed not to feature among grand finals claimants come next year.

In Conclusion

2023 is sure to be an exciting year in the world of esports, with several top esports teams worth keeping a close eye on. One of the most promising contenders is Team Secret, led by the legendary Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov.

Having already won titles in Dota2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they are sure to climb even higher next year. Elsewhere, we have T1 Entertainment & Sports -- once known as SK Telecom T1 -- who have won eight League of Legends World Championships and recently invested heavily in teams for StarCraft II, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends.

FaZe Clan is another innovative team to keep an eye out for; having been founded back in 2011, their outrageous stunts and sophisticated strategizing have earned them major attention worldwide. With exciting potential on multiple fronts, esports fans will be spoilt for choice by 2023.

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