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Twitch Issues Apology After Outcry Over Branded Content Changes

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Twitch Issues Apology After Outcry Over Branded Content Changes - GameSpot

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Twitch has new Branded Content Guidelines.- On-stream logos are limited to 3% of screen size.- Burned-in video Ads are NOT allowed.- Burned-in Display Ads are NOT allowed.- Burned-in Audio Ads are NOT allowed.#TwitchNews #TOSgg — Zach Bussey (@zachbussey) June 6, 2023 Streamers immediately took issue with the changes, which would eat into revenue streamers are able to make from brand sponsorships--which is especially important after the controversial 50/50 revenue split came into play late last year.

Streamers are up in arms over a change to Twitch's Branded Content Guidelines, which banned "burned-in" video ads, audio ads, banner ads, and limits on-screen logos to just 3% of screen size.

The initial change was shared on Twitter by streamer Zach Bussey, showing a series of illustrations that demonstrate what will and won't be allowed under the new content guidelines.

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