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Esports Olympics

Olympics Virtual Series launches, and its a huge step for esports

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has just made one of its biggest changes in history with the launch of the Olympic Virtual Series (OVS).

The OVS is a new, “Olympic digital experience” focused on the field of virtual sports (or in other words, Esports).

This is a massive step forward as all Olympic activities have been mainly held offline previously.

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The Olympic Virtual Series aims to reach new audiences via virtual sports.

Esports will have a place in the Olympics

According to the IOC, OVS will “mobilise virtual sports, esports, and gaming enthusiasts all around the world in order to reach new Olympic audiences”.

Currently, five sports (baseball, cycling, rowing, sailing, and motorsport) have signed up for the initiative, which will begin on May 13 ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

The IOC also added that it will encourage “the development of physical and non-physical forms of sports”.

Tokyo Olympics postponed
The Tokyo Olympics was postponed last year.

Tokyo Olympics was postponed due to the pandemic

This move doesn’t come as a surprise as participation and viewership for physical events have fallen significantly since the emergence of the global pandemic.

One of such casualties is the Tokyo Olympics, which may be postponed for a second year in a row due to rising pandemic infections in Japan.

With billions of people all over the world turning their attention to digesting online content, going virtual seemed like the best move right now for the Olympics.

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