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Report: Mobile Casual Gaming on the rise; 88 out of 100 people play mobile games today

Mobile gaming continues to rise each day, and has created a new category of “casual gaming” among the average folk.

According to a recent survey by global advertising company AdColony, 88 out of 100 people play mobile games casually today — a staggering number as smartphones become more ubiquitous in our society.

In fact, more than 40 out of 100 people play mobile games at least once a day according to the survey, with nearly 70% of the respondents playing games at least 3 hours per-week.

And it is not just young people who are playing mobile games, as over 80% of adults have also jumped on the bandwagon — mostly playing in between work and while commuting.

The number of people who game “casually” has continued to rise each year, much of it directly correlated with the performance improvements of smartphones and the availability of highly interactive games.

Action-adventure games took the top spot of the most popular games among respondents, while puzzles and racing games came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.