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Rules of Survival shutting down

Rules of Survival officially says goodbye

After four years of service in the esports industry, Rules of Survival (ROS) announced that it will no longer continue its operations. 

ROS can no longer be accessed since June 27 as per the announcement from the official accounts and social media platforms of the game.

Game publisher of ROS, NetEase announced the permanent closure of the game last April, a month before the game shuts down.

Moreover, NetEase assures that refunds for players with unused diamonds shall be duly compensated upon application or request. 

ROS is one of the earliest battle royale games in the industry, but it seemed that Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile have surpassed the game’s popularity and player population. 

“The game will be shutting down after its big 2.0 update, dubbed “New Era New Hope”, failed to garner more players and encourage existing ones to play more.” – the report reads. 

Faith Baltazar
I am a Journalist at MEGPlay and I'm from the Philippines.