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SBMM Warzone website for CoD players shut down by Activision

SBMM Warzone, a frequently visited website by Call of Duty (CoD) players, has recently been shut down by Activision.

The website has been an influential platform for Call of Duty Warzone players, mainly for its ‘skill-based matchmaking’ among the players’ community.

SBMM also allows players to check the difficulty of their games through Activision’s Application Programming Interface (API), up until recently when the company ordered for their immediate shut down.

Ben and Dav, creators of SBMM Warzone also elaborated in a tweet how they tried their best to reach out and form a partnership with Activision instead of being removed.

Ben & Dav, creators of SBMM Warzone Site

It is stated that Activision’s reason for turning down the site is primarily for the privacy and security of its players all around the world.

“According to the letter we received, we have until Monday to comply. They want to guarantee their players’ privacy, which is great. But, by becoming partners, we could guarantee their privacy while giving the Warzone community the best stats it deserves.”

SBMM Warzone
The video posted up on SBMM’s website after it shut down.

In compliance with the shut down notice of Activision, SBMM’s website has been offline since yesterday, leaving only a video of their call of partnership to Activision, and an explanation of why they had to temporarily take down the site to their fans and supporters

The site is willing to undergo any major modifications to preserve SBMM Warzone if Activision would allow them to continue, however no response from Activision was heard since the notice arrived.

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