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Shopify Starcraft II esports team

Shopify has a new StarCraft II esports team; because the CEO loves the game

Shopify, the global company that provides tools for people to start an online business, is taking a plunge into the esports scene.

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The company has recently launched its very own esports organization, Shopify Rebellion, and has put together a professional StarCraft II team comprising of top-tier players to start off with.

Some of the new Starcraft II team members include 2016 world champion Byun Hyun-woo, and the first woman to win a major esports tournament, Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn.

News of the new esports team was even announced by Shopify CEO, Tobias Lütke himself:

Shopify may expand to more games in the future, but decided to kick-off with Starcraft II because Lütke was a long-time StarCraft and esports fan.

In fact, Lütke even occasionally streams on Twitch, and has also donated money to various tournament prize pools. Rumor has it that he even took inspiration from gaming to build his Shopify empire (not surprising since the game is all about speed, resource management, and strategy).

The Starcraft II community across the world is still very active today, despite its creator, Blizzard, deciding to discontinue support for the game.

Blizzard announced in October last year that it would “take a step back to consider the future of StarCraft”, which disappointed many fans worldwide.