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3 game franchises to enjoy from Steam’s winter sale

Christmas present from Steam's Winter Sale
Christmas present from Steam's Winter Sale

The season of giving is around the corner. Just like the tradition of celebrating Christmas every year, Steam is playing the role of Santa Claus with their annual Winter Sale.

As an achievement for not being on the naughty list, here are 3 franchises to enjoy from Steam’s winter sale:

1. Batman Franchise
To dive into a life of crime fighting and exploring the lore of Batman, check out the Batman Arkham Collection where users can enjoy up to 85% discount.

unocero - ¿Viene 'Batman: Arkham Collection' en físico ...

2. Need for Speed Franchise

Feeling suited to live life in the fast lane ? This Need for Speed franchise would fuel adrenaline tanks while enjoying a 84% discount.

Need for Speed™ Collection

3. Naruto Franchise

The Naruto franchise offers up to 90% discount is suited to those waiting to harness their inner cakra and embark their journey into the World of Shinobi.


There are other franchises on sale at Steam.

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