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FF7R Tifa Lockhart “fan art” with short hair is driving the internet crazy

A Twitter user started the #TifaShortHair trend
A Twitter user started the #TifaShortHair trend

There is a new trend on the internet, and this time around it is about a famous Final Fantasy VII Remake character, Tifa Lockhart.

A Twiter user, @strawderryst, started a new trend by posting her own artwork of Tifa with a short haircut, and issued a challenge to others to create fan art of Tifa with the new hairstyle.

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Tifa Lockhart in FF7R

Tifa Lockhart is a playable female character in Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VII Remake, best known for her famous long hair.

@strawderryst’s challenge went viral, resulting in a new Twitter hastag #TifaShortHair sparking a wave of creators sharing their own art of the character.

Several content creators and cosplayers have since followed the trend and started posting their own takes.

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