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Transformers: Heavy Metal

A Transformers mobile game is coming soon; and its made by Pokémon Go creators

There’s a new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game coming soon, and it’s built by the creators of Pokémon Go.

Transformers: Heavy Metal is an upcoming mobile game built in partnership with Pokémon Go’s developers to let fans “join the war against Decepticons all around the world”.

Instead of “catching Pokémon”, players will be able to explore the map as a Transformer, while “battling” against enemy Decepticons via turn-based matches.

Transformers: Heavy Metal is set to launch on Android and iOS later this year, with a “soft launch coming soon” (no dates announced yet).

More details can be obtained via the official site, which includes a mailing list to receive updates on the game’s availability.

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