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genshin 2.4

Upcoming Content Version 2.4 Genshin Impact

A version 2.4 special program was published on Genshin Impact’s Youtube Channel, featuring exclusive content to be expected by players.

Below are the contents to be expected from version 2.4:

1) New Character Wish Banners

genshin shenhe

Version 2.4 will feature 2 phases of character event wish. Phase 1 would include:

  • Shenhe, a new 5 star Cryo polearm character
  • Yun Jin, a new 4 star Geo polearm character
  • Xiao, a 5 star Anemo polearm character

Phase 2 would include:

  • Zhong Li, a 5 star Geo polearm character
  • Ganyu, a 5 star Cryo bow character

2) New Events

image 1
Genshin Impact Event

The upcoming events would include :

3) New Map Enkanomiya

image 2

A new map would be released in version 2.4 where players could explore Enkanomiya which includes:

For more in-depth information regarding Genshin Impact’s version 2.4 update, do check it out here.

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