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Valorant: 7 Popular Celebrities that Loves playing Valorant

Valorant is addictive and irresistible to even the busiest celebrities
Valorant is addictive and irresistible to even the busiest celebrities

Valorant is addicting, and it has the capacity to attract even the busiest of individuals into hours of playtime. Riot Games’ shooter is irresistible to even the busiest celebs.

Valorant attracted a large number of players from a variety of games, including Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and others, when it was introduced in 2020.

Valorant’s rapid climb was unsurprising, given that Riot’s shooter is aimed squarely at current FPS fans. The unique ability-powered five-versus-five game also attracts celebrities.

Here is a list of the most well-known actors who have played Valorant.

Kourtney Kardashian

Let me carry you": Internet goes gaga over Kourtney Kardashian playing  Valorant

For devoted gamers, Kourtney Kardashian’s Valorant Instagram tale was a jaw-dropper. Because the Keeping Up with the Kardashians actress is keen with fashion, a photograph of her relaxing on Breeze with the newest katana went viral. Kourtney was cheering on Raze on Breeze, which isn’t the most competitive combo. However, the majority of the players have forgiven her for that tiny gaffe.

Jordan Fisher

Popular Actor Wishes to Play Major Role in Valorant - EssentiallySports

Jordan Fisher is a well-known American actor who rose to prominence as one of the leading men in Netflix’s blockbuster series, To All the Boys. He turns out to be a die-hard Valorant supporter on the side. Jordan isn’t just a casual player, though; he takes his competitive grind very seriously. On Twitch, he has around 500K followers thanks to his regular streaming. Fans of his acting also like watching his gaming highlights on YouTube.

Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann could return to Barcelona due to uncertainty surrounding  Diego Simeone's future: Reports

Antoine Griezmann is a well-known figure in the gaming world. With his own CSGO group, Grizi Esports, the French professional footballer forayed into gaming. Griezmann, like many other CSGO gamers, became enamoured with Riot Games’ shooter. Because of his competitive calmness on the football field and legacy abilities from CSGO, he’s quite excellent at popping heads.

DJ Zedd

Valorant and Zedd announce in-game collaboration | Bandwagon | Music

DJ Zedd isn’t a shocking addition to the list of well-known people who have played Valorant. However, no one expected Riot Games to team up with a well-known DJ like Zedd before their cooperation. He not only plays Valorant, but he also has his own skin line because of his passion for the game. Custom Zedd tracks cost a lot of money in the Spectrum collection.

Riot and Zedd collaborate on Spectrum skin line, VALORANT's first  audio-driven bundle - Dot Esports
Spectrum bundle by DJ Zedd

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy sends an apology to the entire Twitch staff

Soulja Boy is the latest CSGO player to join the ranks of Valorant supporters. The American rapper began his FPS career with CSGO before being encouraged to try Valorant. The player model of Phoenix grabbed his curiosity. It’s no coincidence, according to Soulja, because Riot built Phoenix to look exactly like him. To give his look-alike a go, the American singer played a few games.


Mike Shinoda

I'm more into Valorant than League of Legends": Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda  at Riot's Arcane Global Premiere event

The co-founder of Linkin Park has a Twitch account where he streams various games. His Valorant broadcast was unexpected, as no one anticipated the singer to be interested in the difficult structure of a first-person shooter. Shinoda, on the other hand, has grown fairly proficient at the game because to his time with Team Liquid. The singer picked up the game quickly and routinely shows off his abilities on his Twitch channel.

Mahmut Orhan

Mahmut Orhan Booking Agent Info & Pricing | Private & Corporate Events -  BnMusic

Mahmut Orhan is a well-known Turkish actor that frequently appears in Riot’s shooter. Players shouldn’t be shocked if Mahmut appears in one of the teasers, given the location of a forthcoming agent.

If you know of any more celebs that love Valorant, let us know in the comments!