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Valorant: A beginner’s tutorial on smartly playing latest agent, Fade and getting wallhacks.

Teach your opponents how to be afraid.

New Valorant agent Fade new initiator key art

Fade, Valorant’s scary new initiator, has arrived.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve been trying to figure out how to get the most out of the Turkish agent’s formidable information-gathering talents.

Fade is a powerful initiator that is turning out to be a significantly more aggressive option than Sova. Her equipment helps her to stalk and trap her opponents, putting continual pressure on them to free up space for her squad.

We’ll show you how Fade may assist her squad get an advantage over their opponents with our Fade tutorial.

How to play Fade, Valorant’s newest initiator

Fade is a cross between Sova and Skye, two other initiator agents. Similar to Sova, the Turkish agent may betray the enemy’s position while also blinding and deafening her opponents.

As an attacker, she may assist her team in gaining possession of sites by locating the defenders so that her friends can prepare for the required duels.

Meanwhile, on defence, she may strike from the shadows, blasting through smokes as the opposition squad approaches a location. During retakes, she can also utilise her talents to clear places.

Haunt is a real-life wallhack.

Fade’s Haunt is her hallmark skill and the centrepiece of her toolkit. The all-seeing orb exposes the whereabouts of foes who come into contact with it. Opponents can demolish it, but they will have to give up their shooting position.

It has a 40-second cooldown, which is comparable to Sova’s Recon Bolt, but the main distinction is that Haunt leaves a significant “Marked” debuff on enemies caught in its sight. Fade and her squad can track down their opponents by tracing the 12-second-long dark trails they leave behind.

Haunt may even attach to rooftops if you know the appropriate lineups, disclosing opponents in a large radius. Because it pings foes far faster than Sova’s dart, adversaries are more likely to notice it before they can destroy it.

Throwing it from smoked-off areas of the map is another nice way to use this skill. Wait for the opposition team to smoke your location if you’re defending Heaven on Ascent’s A site. When they do, send Haunt at the location and fire through the smoke towards the disclosed targets.

With her Seize ability, she can prevent rushes and retakes.

Seize ensnares opponents across a large region. The sphere cannot be destroyed after opponents have been trapped, and adversaries will be held within its radius for five seconds.

As a defender, it’s great for slowing down oncoming surges. Tethered opponents will receive 75 decay damage as well, giving Fade and her friends the upper hand in a shootout.

Seize can also be used to prevent or delay defenders from attempting a recapture. If the enemy side is planning a retake, tossing this sphere of nightmare ink at them might aid sabotage their strategy.

Furthermore, when paired with other abilities like Raze’s Paint Shells grenades, KAY/FRAG/MENT, O’s or even Viper’s Snake Bite, Seize may be lethal. The brunt of these skills will fall on opponents, making for a lethal combo.

With Prowler, you can clear your corners.

The way Prowler latches onto targets in its frontal vision cone is comparable to Raze’s Boom Bot. Skye’s Guiding Light flash may also be used to direct it.

This ability is ideal for clearing corners and searching for prospective lurkers while remaining safe. Combine this ability with Haunt to send it on the trail of designated opponents, inflicting nearsight if it gets close enough.

This ability is similar to getting Skye’s Seekers ultimate every round, according to Sentinels’ Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. While casting Prowler, you should cooperate with a teammate so that they can rapidly pounce on opponents who are briefly blinded.

With her Nightfall ultimate, track down your opponents.

Fade’s ultimate has a same area-of-effect as Breach’s Rolling Thunder, appearing on the mini map as a big rectangle. Enemies affected by Nightmare will become decaying, deafened, and marked, making them easy targets.

One of Nightfall’s main benefits is the deafen debuff. It muffles all footfall, preventing your opponents from hearing you as you approach them. This also allows teammates to play more aggressively and directly challenge opponents.

Agents with mobility skills may be able to manoeuvre without being heard. Omen, for example, can utilise his Shrouded Step to sneak beyond enemy lines because they won’t be able to hear him.

It’s all about playing for information in Fade.

Valorant Fade Banner

You must be meticulous in your play if you want to optimise Fade’s skills. Always keep corners free and utilise Haunt to figure out where your opponents are.

When you still have usefulness, don’t dry glance at a harmful angle. Instead, gather information with your kit and collaborate with your coworkers to time the correct execution.

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