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Valorant: Best Duelists?

The game's description of all Duelist agents includes Riot's definition of a Duelist
The game's description of all Duelist agents includes Riot's definition of a Duelist

Lock in the best VALORANT Duelist for your playstyle


  • Jett
  • Phoenix
  • Raze
  • Reyna
  • Yoru

The game’s description of all Duelist agents includes Riot’s definition of a Duelist.

“Duelists are self-sufficient fraggers who their team expects, through abilities and skills, to get high frags and seek out engagements first.”

(Screenshot: Riot Games)
Screenshot: Riot Games


  • Abilities: Cloudburst, Updraft, Tailwind
  • Ultimate: Blade Storm

Jett is the queen of maneuverability and accuracy. With her Tailwind ability, she may sprint into and out of duels, and with her Updrafts and Cloudbursts, she can reposition herself in the air, offering herself temporary cover. Her ultimate, the Blade Storm, is a five-bladed, one-tap headshot that can be used from anywhere on the battlefield and has no fall-off damage or bullet inaccuracy due to movement or being in the air. She may also burst fire all of her blades at once for a “shotgun effect,” which is useful in close-range battles. Jett’s Blade Storm recharges when she hits an adversary with a deadly blow.

Jett’s utility kit allows her to take daring glances around corners because her Tailwind dash lets her to escape out of harm’s path fast and effectively. Her sprint also enables her to surge into enemy territory to confuse your squad as they press in, as well as to take spots that are often difficult to achieve by merely strolling in.

Overall, Jett is a classic Duelist, according to Riot. Dash in, distract your enemies, and kill them. Alternatively, you may scout for information, grab a kill, run out, and block sights. She very certainly possesses all of the necessary capabilities to “achieve high frags and seek out engagements early.”

(Screenshot: Riot Games)
Screenshot: Riot Games


  • Abilities: Boom Bot, Paint Shells, Blast Pack
  • Ultimate: Showstopper

Raze is a Duelist who, like Jett, has a lot of mobility if you know how to use her Blast Packs correctly. Raze’s Paint Shells and Boom Bot also deliver a lot of damage when they hit, making her one of the most dangerous Duelists in the game without using a pistol.

Raze may accelerate herself upward and forward at the same time with a well-placed and well-timed Blast Pack. She can also enhance her leap distance because she carries two Blast packs. This, like Jett’s Updraft and Tailwind, may cause adversaries to get distracted as Raze launches herself into enemy territory. Raze may also use this strategy to launch her ultimate, the Showstopper rocket launcher, from the sky. This offers Raze an edge, similar to Jett, because she is in the air, where few players are trained to look.

Her Boom Bot may also be utilised as a reconnaissance device in tight places and corners. You’ll know there’s someone there if an adversary shoots it. If they don’t, the Boom Bot will chase them down and explode in their faces, causing significant harm. The explosion and grenade clusters from her Paint Shells grenade may be used to clear corners, but if someone is caught in its blast radius, it may result in a death.

Raze is a good entrance fragger because of her pseudo-mobility, which allows her to propel into enemy territory while also clearing corners with her explosives.

(Screenshot: Riot Games)
Screenshot: Riot Games


  • Abilities: Blaze, Hot Hands, Curveball
  • Ultimate: Run It Back

Phoenix, unlike Jett and Raze, is a conventional gunfighter. He doesn’t have any movement abilities, but he compensates with his other abilities.

The conventional flash grenade, Curveball, blinds foes. He can throw it in a curve (it’s in the name, after all) that makes tossing it into an area before striking quite easy. Phoenix, for instance, can conceal behind a wall in front of a door before throwing a Curveball. This will cause adversaries on the other side of the wall to become blinded, allowing Phoenix’s troops to rush in.

If you run out of Curveballs, Phoenix may still cast Blaze, a fire wall that hurts foes while simultaneously blocking their vision.

If Phoenix dies or the ultimate timer runs out, his ultimate, Run It Back, allows him to revive at the location where he activated it. This allows a Phoenix player to enter a combat with no worries about attacking and gathering information, as long as his respawn spot is protected, as there is a little delay when he respawns. His ultimate also allows you to take chances that you would not otherwise take since you’re frightened of losing a member of your squad.

All of his skills combine to make him a simple yet efficient entry fragger, ideal for pushing into areas with your squad as you lead the frontal attack.

(Screenshot: Riot Games)
Screenshot: Riot Games


  • Abilities: Leer, Dismiss, Devour
  • Ultimate: Empress

To get her engine going, Reyna uses a lot of gunplay. When a Reyna player kills an opponent, or if the adversary is killed within 3 seconds of being hit by Reyna, the enemy drops a “Soul Orb.” It’s totally up to you what you do with this orb.

Devour allows you to heal up to 100 HP in 3 seconds if you choose to activate it. This is advantageous if you take damage in a shootout with an adversary and need to heal. You can Overheal if you have full health but no shields, which will work as a chunk of a shield for 25 seconds. You can only Overheal until you reach level 50 which is the same amount as the Heavy shield.

Her ultimate, Empress, is the most terrifying item in her armory. Reyna fills out a form that grants her a 15% improvement in bullet firing rate and reload speed. Without the need to consume a Soul Orb, she immediately heals and Overheals after killing someone. When she consumes a Soul Orb for Dismiss, she becomes completely invisible, making it impossible for foes to see her. What’s more, you can devour as many Soul Orbs as you like because they don’t count against the number of Dismiss charges you have at the start.

When a Reyna performs her ultimate, she is usually able to pick out enemies one by one owing to her ability to relocate without being seen by the adversary. Although she is a poor solitary entry fragger, her kit lets her to continue her killing rampage once she has gotten her first kill.

(Screenshot: Riot Games)
Screenshot: Riot Games


  • Abilities: Fakeout, Blindside, Gatecrash
  • Ultimate: Dimensional Drift

As a Duelist, Yoru is an outcast. Although his utility kit allows him to be stealthy and maybe win one-on-one confrontations, becoming an entrance fragger requires a lot of work. But first, let’s go through his talents.

Yoru may use Fakeout to create “false footsteps.” When he places it on the floor, it will resemble a character running in a specific direction. Yoru can also choose when these footsteps are activated. When an adversary observes footsteps, it will only see red outlines travelling in a specific direction.

Yoru’s flash grenade is called Blindside. He can toss it over a long distance, and when it hits a hard surface, it bounces back in an arc similar to Phoenix’s flash.

Yoru’s trademark ability is Gatecrash. He can send out a portal orb in the direction he is facing, or he can just set it where he is standing. For 30 seconds, the gateway will be open. He can teleport to where the orb is at any moment throughout those 30 seconds.

Yoru’s ultimate is Dimensional Drift, which allows him to travel across the map unseen for 9 seconds. Only if he goes too close to an adversary will he be revealed, and his vision is likewise restricted. Yoru may cancel out of his ultimate at any moment, and he can also travel to safety through his Gatecrash portal.

Yoru, on the whole, is a rare breed of Duelist. Some believe he’s the worst character in the game, but he’s really one of the most difficult to counter if he gets into your brain with the appropriate moves.

taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_E9W2vsRbQ

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