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Major details for up coming VALORANT Champions 2022

The VALORANT Champions Tour is back
The VALORANT Champions Tour is back
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The VALORANT Champions Tour is BACK, and the VCT’s second season, set for 2022, will attempt to build on the success of its first campaign.

VALORANT Champions Tour Format

The VCT format will undergo significant modifications in 2022, although the underlying concept will remain same.

Each area will have a Challengers stage, with the leading teams proceeding to worldwide LAN play at Masters events before the year ends with a final Champions tournament.

This year, instead of three Challengers and Masters events leading up to the Champions event in December, there will be two stages leading up to the Champions event, which is presently scheduled for September.

Third-party organizers will offer “off season series and events” throughout the latter months of the year.


The Challengers are currently still going through group stages.

EMEA has eight distinct regional leagues:

  • Spain
  • France
  • Turkey
  • CIS
  • MENA
  • DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Northern Europe, and Eastern Europe.

Each league’s season champion advances to a promotion tournament with two Challengers Two slots on the line.

In addition, Game Changers will return as a VCT supplement in 2022.

The format will REMAIN the same as in 2021, with three separate series each containing an open qualification and a double-elimination tournament.

However, Game Changers will climax this year with the inaugural worldwide Game Changers Championship.