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Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 details

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2: Exciting News! Release Date, New Map, Agent Rework, more

A fresh new combat pass, new agent or new map to master in Act 2
A fresh new combat pass, new agent or new map to master in Act 2

A new Act of Valorant is on its way! We take a peek at what Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 has in hand, including the release date, a possible new map, and much more!

The commencement of a new Act is one of the few things that gets Valorant enthusiasts thrilled. The reasons are self-evident: a fresh new combat pass to master and a new agent or map to master.

The last Act was particularly memorable. It was the first episode of 2022, and it kicked off Episode 4 by introducing the newest agent, Neon.

This Filipino Duelist has energized the battlefield, however it remains to be seen if she (or anybody) can dethrone the all-powerful Jett.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Release date time patch notes
taken from Riot Games

The focus now shifts to Valorous Episode 4 Act 2. The next Act promises a lot, from a new terrain to a fresh new combat pass.

Act 2 of Valorant – Release Date and Time

While most of what we know about the upcoming season is based on conjecture about what new features and enhancements could be coming in Act 2, the release date is pretty much set.

We mention “roughly” since there may be unexpected delays (its happened before). Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 will be released on Tuesday, March 1 assuming all goes according to plan.

Although downtime is often limited – even between acts – further information regarding specific outages and patch rollouts will be published closer to the event.

A Whole New Map
In most cases, each new Act brings a new agent or a new map. With the addition of Neon in Act 1, we anticipate to see a different map this time around.

For months, rumours concerning the location of this map have circulated, with various clues pointing to a map situated in Lisbon, Portugal.

In terms of proof, the Episode 4 cinematic – “Warm Up” – has a map of Portugal’s capital city, which eagle-eyed gamers have noticed.

Patch Notes
There is just one big update to mention in terms of patch notes and any agent balancing changes. Yoru’s long-awaited revamp must coincide with the release of Ep 4 Act 2.

The much-maligned agent is the least chosen, and with the hard task now completed, Ep 4 Act 2 is a great time to buff Yoru.

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