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Cypher Phoenix valorant buffs

Valorant: EXCITING NEWS. Valorant programmers confirm that Cypher and Phoenix buffs are in the pipeline.

These guys definitely require some affection.

Valorant Phoenix buffs Cypher

For Cypher and Phoenix mains, there may be some good news.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Valorant’s devs announced that Cypher and Phoenix buffs and adjustments are on the horizon, which should make both agents seem more viable in the game’s meta.

In recent months, neither agent has earned much praise. With the lowest pick rates of all the agents in their class, they have fallen out of favour on both the ranked ladder and in professional play.

Cypher had the lowest pick rate of all the sentinel agents at VCT Stage 1 Masters Reykjavik 2022, at just 13%. Phoenix is in even worse shape: in the previous 30 days of ranked play, the British duelist was selected fewer than 9% of the time.

Buffs for Cypher and Phoenix are on the way.

Valorant Cypher Agent 20 teaser

Other agents in their respective duties have excelled the Moroccan sentinel and flame-throwing duelist in terms of utility.

Killjoy and Chamber have become significantly more successful at keeping an eye on flanks and securing sites, whilst Phoenix lacks any special abilities that would set him apart from other duelists.

With their very predictable trajectory, his Curveball flashes are among the weakest in the game, and his Blaze wall and Hot Hands molly can be readily substituted with equivalent functionality from a variety of different duelist and controller agents.

“First and foremost, yes, we are working on Phoenix, but it is too early for us to discuss specifics.” Right now, we want to focus on anything from numerical adjustments to something more,” stated John Goscicki, Valorant’s Character Producer.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a firm timeline on that, and we’d like to take our time finding the best long-term home for Phoenix.”

According to Jay Watford, Agent Designer on Valorant, Cypher is in a similar scenario. The team isn’t ready to provide any specifics or a schedule for the adjustments, but it is already working on reworking the disguised spy.

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