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Valorant Lisbon Map

Valorant: In Lisbon, Portugal, the exciting new Valorant map might be positioned underwater.

On Mirror Earth, I’ll see you.

Valorant Map Teaser Lisbon Portugal

The new Valorant map may transport gamers to a submerged version of Portugal’s capital.

A map of Lisbon appeared behind Raze in the preceding Warm Up cinematic as the Valorant Protocol prepared for their journey to Earth-2.

Additional teases pointing to Lisbon were provided in the latest patch 4.08 and Episode 4 Act III battle pass, in the form of new voice mail messages and a player card.

Valorant’s eighth map, if the indications are correct, will be the first set on Mirror Earth, following the Protocol’s initial trip into the alternate world.

In the new Valorant map, players may be moved to Portugal.

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The most intriguing tease is on the Yellows on Rails playing card. It portrays a brilliant yellow tram that appears uncannily like the famed vintage trams that ride the streets of modern-day Lisbon as part of the free Chapter 10 battle pass prizes.

The tram looks to be underwater, encased in a massive dome through which you can see a school of fish, which is the greatest giveaway.

The Yellows on Rails card is our first look at a geodome on Earth-2 that shields the citizens of an unknown city from tides, as implied by email communications obtained on Fracture.

Lisbon is also shown as a destination on a board on Fracture that shows departures from a railway station.

Fade’s latest voice mail message hints to what the next map may feature. Fade has just returned from a trip to Lisbon on Earth-2, where she references a mystery “place of secrets,” according to the message.

“I was surrounded by terror. The entire city is tense. I’m not sure why. But I saw a realm of secrets in the minds I touched. Another terminal is nearby. “If you want answers, you must go there,” Fade remarked.

As the Valorant Protocol investigates, the new map might very likely be placed at this hidden facility.

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