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Valorant: It’s exciting to hear that Episode 4 Act 2 Night Market will be released shortly

Valorant gamers may soon be able to shop in the Night Market
Valorant gamers may soon be able to shop in the Night Market

For Episode 4 Act 2, the much-loved Night Market may be returning to Valorant. Players will be overjoyed since they will be able to obtain the skins they have always sought at a cheaper cost than normal.

Users who wish to purchase premium in-game cosmetics should take advantage of the recurring event. They may choose from six different weapon skins at a discounted price thanks to the shop expansion. Each player has their own set of offers, and they only get one set of them.

Valorant gamers may soon be able to shop in the Night Market

It is quite expected that the periodical store extension for this Act will be announced soon.

Riot Games can also utilise the Night Market ads to tease consumers about the forthcoming Agents. The style and topic of this poster may relate to the Blackmailer, who is waging an information war against the members of the Valorant Protocol, as one individual correctly pointed out.

Radiant Crisis 001, Magepunk (EP 3 skins), and Snowfall were introduced to the pool during the previous Night Market, which ran from February 9 to February 22. The following gun skins, according to Valorant wiki, have a probability of appearing at the Night Market this time around:

Select Edition – Convex, Galleria, Infantry, Luxe, Prism II, Rush, Sensation, Smite

Deluxe Edition – Aristocrat, Avalanche, Horizon, Minima, Nunca Olvidados, Prism, Sakura, Silvanus, Snowfall, Wasteland, Winterwunderland

Premium Edition – Celestial, Ego, Forsaken, Gravitational Uranium Neroblaster, Ion, Magepunk, Nebula, Oni, Origin, Prime, Prime//2.0, Radiant Crisis 001, Reaver, Recon, Sovereign, Spline, Tethered Realms, VALORANT Go! Vol. 1, VALORANT Go! Vol. 2

Once the shop extension is up, gamers may check out the six skins available by clicking the card-like option in the top right corner of their screens next to the Store page. They may purchase any of the skins by paying VP.

The reopening of the Night Market is generally a cause for celebration among the neighbourhood. These events allow players to participate more with the game they like playing, whether it’s earning the skins they want or banding together after being dealt a bad hand of options.

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