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Valorant Map Pearl 4

VALORANT Patch 5.0 launches new underwater map; Split map replaced

A new VALORANT map in every patch is always something to look forward to, but this underwater map had some of the players concerned. 

Pearl is the newly released map to Valorant and its setting allows the players to combat underwater. 

Considered as the eighth official Valorant Map, this is the first time that Valorant has released a battleground location under the water.

Physical features aside, this new update comes with a compromise as it will be replacing the Split map which caused a concern for some Valorant players.

With this, Split will no longer be seen in Competitive or Unrated queues; there is no assurance whether or not it will return to the game.

For the meantime, there will only be six maps available in the competitive queue until Pearl is added to the options.

Patch 5.01 will be released on July 12 and with it comes the official addition of Pearl and the exit of Split from the pool of maps.

Moreover, the Valorant team said in a report that they have considered keeping the Split map in Unrated but they decided not to so as to keep “parity” between all of the map pools.

Furthermore, Valorant maps design lead Joe Lansford emphasized that learning a new map is a good way to practice tactical shooting and mastery of the game.

“Seven is a nice sweet spot that offers both variety and mastery”

the team said regarding the temporary removal of Split.

Nevertheless, the removal of Split from the game for the time being was primarily due to the factors that affect the game in the long run. 

This is the first time that the game had to rotate maps but it is very much likely that the game developers will go on with this rotational release and exit of maps to upgrade and improve user experience every now and then.

Faith Baltazar
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